South Kent School prepares young men to succeed in college and thrive as thoughtful and engaged citizens in a rapidly changing and intensely competitive world.

Trinity of Values

Founded in 1923, SKS has three fundamental principles that were established by our first headmaster, Samuel S. Bartlett.

Simplicity of Life




Directness of Purpose

These principles, along with the lessons and traditions passed down by our earliest leaders, form the foundations of the School, and throughout the years as the school has changed and grown, have remained relevant and continue to serve as a guidepost for all we do.

"Experience here at South Kent has shown me that a boy will generally produce that which is expected of him. Expect him to be honest, fine and decent and nine times out of ten, he will."

- Samuel S. Bartlett, Founding Headmaster

 Head of School's Newsletter

Guided by our mission, South Kent School’s academic, athletic, and student life programming work together to develop thriving young men. Using our contemporary expertise in male adolescent education, we are constantly evolving and adapting to ensure we are providing students with the skills and developing the character they will need to succeed in college and the world beyond.

Our Students

In the classroom, in uniform, and in life, every SKS boy is provided the resources and encouragement he needs to live as a thriving young man.


Characteristics of a South Kent School Student



Students leverage the diverse strengths of their learning community, take responsibility for their actions, and hold each other accountable to fulfill a common purpose.


Students recognize and manage their emotions and empathize with others to nurture healthy relationships and make responsible decisions. 


Students analyze, examine, evaluate, and interpret information and apply creative thought to form an argument, solve a problem, or reach a conclusion.


Students connect their behavior, values, and individual growth to their beliefs through reflection and appreciation of the traditions and faiths of others. 


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