Academics at South Kent School

South Kent School’s academic curriculum challenges students to think differently with our innovative approach to learning inside and outside the traditional classroom. We value the traditions of an all-boys school while we strive to inspire forward-thinking minds of future generations. Our mastery learning program provides opportunities to turn passions into career paths for our students. Students receive a personalized education with deeper interactions with our faculty and a well-balanced social life. South Kent School uses a data-driven curriculum that keeps college-readiness top of mind. Discover the possibilities at South Kent School today.

South Kent School's Principles of Learning

South Kent School’s Principles of Learning create a unifying framework which informs us how to teach our students effectively. These principles were founded on evidence-based research on how boys learn best. Through these principles, the faculty guides students in an adaptive and supportive environment to grow in mind, body, and spirit.

Boys Learn Best...

  • When their instruction is differentiated to their individual physical, emotional, and cognitive development.
  • In a loving, supportive community where they have meaningful relationships with inspiring and dedicated adults.
  • When skills are developed as the building blocks toward mastery.
  • When they experience their curriculum through vivid and intense activities with frequent practice and thoughtful feedback.
  • Through self-reflection, resulting in a deep understanding of their learning and their value within the community.
  • Through healthy habits of mind that build a strong sense of self and character.
  • When they imagine, innovate, and create in a community founded on tradition and values.

How South Kent School is Different

Mastery Learning

At its core, mastery learning empowers our students to advance their knowledge and skills at an individualized pace. This innovative curriculum at South Kent School was intentionally built for every type of student. Our students build a better knowledge base through personalized relationships with faculty and a well-balanced community life inside and outside the classroom.


Partnering with Syracuse University, SUPA is one of the nation's leading concurrent enrollment programs which allow high school students to take college credit courses. South Kent School is proud to be one of the select high schools in the nation to offer this program. Student enrolled in SUPA courses will be well-prepared for future years in rigorous college programs. 

Block Scheduling

These classes are concentrated 8-week courses in either Humanities (English and History), or in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The school year is divided into four quarters with students receiving a half a credit for each of these block courses.

Students also have the opportunity to take up to two additional electives per quarter. Additionally, our academic learning center is available to all students who are looking for more guided, personalized study support. 

Student-Instructor Interactions

Our class structure allows students to have the opportunity for more individualized instruction. Teachers live on campus and serve as advisors, coaches, mentors and dorm parents. They get to know the students and are always there to help. Each student has a faculty advisor who meets with him weekly and helps him get the most from South Kent's educational program.

Faculty Advisors

South Kent School understands the vital role of adult mentors in the lives of young men. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who meets with the student regularly and assists with navigating academic and school community responsibilities. Faculty advisors help students to plan their academic programs, monitor their progress and development in and out of the classroom, and serve as a source of adult support and advice. They work in partnership with parents to help each boy achieve his personal goals.

Cum Laude Society

The Cum Laude Society is a national honor society formed in 1907. Modeled on Phi Beta Kappa, it is designed to encourage and recognize learning and sound scholarship in secondary school. Chapters of the Cum Laude Society are established only in schools of excellent academic quality. South Kent School elects as members those students in the Sixth Form year who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and who have maintained an honors record throughout their secondary school career. Election to the Cum Laude Society is one of the highest honors South Kent bestows on its students.