South Kent School is the Most Technologically
Advanced Prep School in the Country

Leadership in the evolving global economy requires the ability to recognize and adapt to change and the flexibility to adopt new technologies.

South Kent School is the pioneer in the adoption of digital classroom technology and is sought after by other top schools for information on best practices in educational technology.

The School has also been recognized by media outlets around the country and in national publications including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. South Kent School was also recognized locally by the Chronogram for its adoption of educational technology.

Additionally, the School has relationships with top eTextbook providers. That, combined with a robust campus-wide WiFi network and smart boards in all campus classrooms, ensures that our students have unmatched capabilities in research, interactive learning, and connectivity in and out of the classroom.

Network Resources

Please use the links below to gain access to useful resources for the school network.


Every student at South Kent School will be required to provide their own laptop (PC or Mac recommended) as their primary device for their course work. An alternative is to use an Apple iPad with a keyboard. Overall, the School asks that students have a portable device (beyond their phones) to bring to and use in the classroom. 

Laptop Requirements:

Laptops should meet or exceed the following minimum required specifications:

  • Minimum operating system: Windows 10 / MacOS Catalina 10.15
  • 256GB of storage
  • Protective case/cover
  • Current warranty coverage
(Alternative) iPad Requirements:

iPads should meet or exceed the following minimum required specifications:

  • Compatible with iOS 15, which includes iPad 5th Gen or newer, iPad Air 3 or newer, and all iPad Pro models.
  • 32 GB of storage
  • WiFi connectivity (Cellular is not required, but available as an option if you wish.)
  • Keyboard

The Technology Department will offer technical support for network connectivity and the access and use of academic-related applications. For hardware issues, the School can assist with diagnostics and provide support when possible, but it may be necessary to refer students to the device vendors for repairs. 

Information on connecting to the South Kent network will be provided prior to the start of school.  On Registration Day, the Technology Department will be available to assist with connecting student devices to the campus network. The School also provides assistance with downloading textbooks and any necessary School applications.

Students will use their laptops:

  • As an organizational tool to track assignments, homework, and class projects
  • To research information on the internet for class projects
  • To create online presentations, write class papers, and work on projects
  • To run a variety of applications that enhance their learning experience in class
  • To read electronic books, newspapers, magazines, and other digital texts