South Kent School’s mountain biking program was established in 2013.  Our program brings together riders of all abilities, from the most competitive racers to those new to the sport, to compete and enjoy this lifelong sport and the great trail systems throughout New England.  Each member of the program learns how to ride safely and effectively while also learning the basics of bike and trail maintenance.  Our program has both a fall and spring season.

The League

South Kent School is a founding member of the Housatonic Mountain Biking League (HMBL).  The HMBL is composed of eight Western New England area schools that rotate hosting regular season and championship races.  The HMBL races weekly throughout the fall with the league championship race as the culminating event after the regular season has concluded.  In the spring season, the team focuses on skill building, fitness and endurance while riding Southern New England's best trails.


The Trails

South Kent School partnered with Sinuosity Flowing Trails of Vermont to construct eight miles of exciting flow trail systems on the School’s 550 acre campus. Trails include single track cross-country routes, dual track, rustic logging roads, and intermediate and expert flow trail sections. Interspersed you will find logs to traverse, streams to cross, tabletops to double, berms to carve, bridges to ride and rock gardens to test all skills and abilities.

pdf trail map

The South Kent School race courses include almost every element seen in Eastern Mountain Biking. Features include, flow trail rides with huge berms and massive table top jumps, aggressive singletrack descents and climbs which feature significant elevation changes, rugged logging roads and dual track sections to encourage head to head racing. All trails have been designed and built to be sustainable, in that they have a low impact on the environment -- sloped to eliminate runoff and channeling rainwater and built to withstand the impact of hundreds of riders. Great care has been taken to help protect the local watershed and hillside hydrology while tackling the challenge of invasive species. All trail sections have been designed and built to be safe with the professional trail building crew signing off on all designs, features, and routes.