Introducing SAGE Dining Services®

We’re pleased to announce South Kent School’s partnership with SAGE Dining Services® starting in the fall of 2022!

SAGE, founded in 1990, is the leading food service provider for independent schools and private colleges throughout North America. SAGE focuses on quality service, nutrition, sustainability, and delicious food made from scratch using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. An on-site Chef will get to know our community and design unique daily menus featuring community favorites, the latest culinary trends, and lots of variety to please all palates and meet a range of dietary needs.

Read more about Sage Dining Services in this welcome letter and learn about the menu here.

Check the daily menu, get nutritional information, manage food allergies, and more on South Kent School and Sage's Dining website.

Community Dining

Community meals have special importance in the South Kent community.

Because we are a small school, the entire community gathers daily at lunch for a traditional family-style meal. Students and faculty converse about their day and plans, much like a family does at home.

With the exception of Monday evening, when Formal Dinner is held, and Class Dress is expected, most dinners are informal in tone and dress. Salads, deli, hot entrees, sides, vegetables, and delectable desserts are served.

Weekly breakfasts are served buffet style with hot entrées and continental breakfast options available. Homey and hearty brunch is served on Sundays with both breakfast and lunch offerings.

Students may sit at any table for breakfast and informal lunches and dinners. Seats are assigned, and Class Dress is required, for Formal lunches and dinners. For a formal meal, students are assigned a table with at least one faculty or staff member and several boys from different grades, sports, and cultures. This encourages the students to get to know a new set of boys every week and promotes openness and camaraderie across the community.